falabella stamboek HOBBY HORSE FABIO


Falabella Stallion Pintaloosa 86 cm with an impressive status of contributions and descendants in the UK and the Netherlands.

1st GOLD Premium Stallion Show 2013

1st prize offspring Falabella Studbook Europe 2013

Fabio in 2010 imported from the UK, and is a direct descendant of the 1st generation of Argentine 100% pure Falabella's. A stallion with an impressive appearance in posture, movement, color and lush hair growth. All of its offspring are characterized in color and quality, and have spread all over the world.

last result :

Falabella inspection in 2014 - again the colt Fabio -YOUTH CHAMPION stallions + 1st premium gold.

Falabella inspection in 2015 - a yearling mare filly by Fabio - GENERAL YOUTH CHAMPION + 1st premium Gold

Falabella inspection in 2015 - a colt foal by Fabio - FOAL stallion champion colt + 1st premium GOLD

A lifelong approved stallion for the FSE, as an approval for breeding of pedigree NMPRS.

Stal Jaegersrust
Willinge Prinsstraat 4
8421 PE Oldeberkoop
+(0031) 6-54654428


falabella stamboek MANUELO vd ENKHOEVE


Manuelo van de Enkhoeve

Een mooie jonge bruinbonte hengst van slechts 80 cm. Deze hengst behaalde in 2015 als 3 jarige een 1e premie goud, werd Europees kampioen in de minimaat en als klap op de vuurpijl Europees Algemeen Dagkampioen!

“Een hengst met veel front en een aanwinst voor de fokkerij” zo beschreef de jury Manuelo. Zijn vader is Sublimado, een kampioenshengst geimporteerd uit Argentinie en zijn moeder is Lisandra. Manuelo heeft een inteeltcoefficient van 0,0000% en is daarom goed te gebruiken binnen de kleine populatie falabella’s in Europa.


Telefoon: 0031(6)13024221



81cm Falabella Appaloosa stallion
The jury spoke with praise about the uniformity of the descendants, the inheritance of a strong back, size, color and quality.

Robust and sturdy macho with a finely sculpted head, small ears and awake and attentive eye. Playful and alert going and reliable stallion. The first offspring of Antigo rewarded in 2010 with a 1st premium, is a promising mare Sosa Resto Cazador. In August 2011, born 2nd descendant of Antigo, a super little appaloosa filly Zsa Zsa Resto Cazador. In 2012, we again received two fillies of this stallion, which Raya Resto Cazador became European champion in 2012 and Shanti Resto Cazador 1st premium gold.
In 2014 became the mare descendant Rayaela Resto Cazador European champion YOUTH.
Toyland Antigo is also approved for breeding in NMPRS

Toyland Antigo is also in possession of the AMHA pedigree


falabella stamboek TOYLAND MARCO POLO


lack stallion 70cm geb.2007
> He has come over from America,
> He is approved for life, has gold certificate.
> he is black with 4 white feet.
> A real Falabella diamond.
> Are you looking for a dear trustworthy Falabella as it used to be?small, compact,
> sweet, social and beautiful strong offspring.
> He has already proven himself.
> In short, nice, small, stable black stallion with tough front / posture with lots of mane.

John &joukje Postma
Tolbaas 7
8401 GD Gorredijk

 0513-466761 06-53346866


Falabella stallion with proven quality, who gives his foals color,
movement, model and a fine head.
He also has a nice character.
Results: first premium with the FSE and NMPRS.