smoky black (1 cream gene) He has got it all!,moves like a dream,correctly built,beautifull Argentine bloodlines, sweet, proud and intelligent, show-caracter. His color is smoky black,got pink skin,1 cream gene,so he can give allmost every color!(see color calculator)This awesome refined colt is put together extremely well, he is correct, has a great shoulderangle, length of leg, neck,and beautifull head and eye,etc.He has FSE papers, also he will get the papers from Argentina.He is veterinary approuved by a prok-testing vet.and judged very well according to the new lineair system of the FSE.The judges told us to cherrish this beautifull colt, and we are very excited about seeing him in the show ring! We will only sell to a good home, were he is well taken care off.transport or shipping is possible.

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