THE FALABELLA STUDBOOK Accredited by the parent studbook ACCF- Argentinia

THE FALABELLA STUDBOOK  is now also recognized European Studbook, This decision was taken as of 14-  12-2020 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

TThis is the Dutch Falabella site of  TFS- England. The Falabella Studbook was founded more than 25 years is recognized by the mother studbook ACCF in Argentina. The official studbook registration of Europe to the rare Falabella miniature horse breed for the whole of Europe to guarantee the identity and continuity of the breed.

TFS (the falabella studbook) takes care of the registrations and DNA reports of 100% pure-bred Falabella's from all over Europe and also works together with Falabella America (FMHA), among others.
The objective of the TFS is to protect and protect the special Falabella breed from extinction - the only miniature horse breed in the world - and to continue to register 100% pure Falabella's and to promote the breeding of the Falabella breed with a healthy constitution. and a correct, functional and appealing exterior. The name Falabella is also registered. This name may not be used without permission from the studbook.Studbook Registration
Purebred Falabellas are in possession of original studbook papers, from which the original origin of the Falabella can be deduced. It is also a condition that both the father and the mother and at least the three preceding generations must be 100% pure and that the ancestors and mothers must come from the Falabella ranch Establecimientos Falabella from Argentina. TFS only registers pure-bred Falabella. Send an email to