falabella Bolero


Bolero for Sale

100% fallabella hengst
1e premie hengst voor nmprs en fallabella stamboek
Geslacht : hengst
kleur : zwart bont
falabella MEDIA NOCHE


Stoeterij Wilgenhof
Born: Argentinië 18-11-2005

Father: Alfio
Mother: Safia

Contact can also at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
falabella Belleza del Paraiso

Belleza del Paraiso

Falaballa Belleza del pariaso ( has a foal falabella Faro del Paraiso)
Mare born 14 mei 2012. Father falabella Pinturo del charco, mother Falabella Isolina.
falabella  Alexandro del Paraiso

Alexandro del Paraiso

Falabella Alexandro del Paraiso,
Stallion, born april 2016, Falabella Francesca x vader ZF Don Paco (gold first premium, look at the stallions)Color black/white...
falabella Julian del Paraiso

Julian del Paraiso

Falabella Julian del Paraiso
Colt april 2018, Falabella Francesca x ZF Don Paco (gold 1ste premium, look at the stallions)
Color black/white pinto,...
falabella Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova

Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova

June 28, 2017
F: Pinturo Del Charco
M: Condesa Del Charco (FM: Fantoche)

Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova will be sold to a good home, because...


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