falabella J&R Stables Evita

J&R Stables Evita

Beautiful 100 % Falabella appaloosa mare. Born 24th of may 1026. In 2017 she became champion of the day at the Falabella inspection. Very correct mare. She can be covered...
falabella 3 Belleza del Paraiso

3 Belleza del Paraiso

Falaballa Belleza del pariaso ( has a foal falabella Faro del Paraiso)
Mare born 14 mei 2012. Father falabella Pinturo del charco, mother Falabella Isolina.
falabella 3 Alexandro del Paraiso

3 Alexandro del Paraiso

Falabella Alexandro del Paraiso,
Stallion, born april 2016, Falabella Francesca x vader ZF Don Paco (gold first premium, look at the stallions)Color black/white...
falabella 3 Julian del Paraiso

3 Julian del Paraiso

Falabella Julian del Paraiso
Colt april 2018, Falabella Francesca x ZF Don Paco (gold 1ste premium, look at the stallions)
Color black/white pinto,...
falabella Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova

Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova

June 28, 2017
F: Pinturo Del Charco
M: Condesa Del Charco (FM: Fantoche)

Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova will be sold to a good home, because...
falabella Rzadkiewa Falabella Tamina

Rzadkiewa Falabella Tamina

may 2, 2014
F: Toyland Antigo
M: Tierra Del Charco (FM: Fantoche)

Rzadkiewa Falabella Tamina is a Falabellamare with excellent bloodlines. She...
falabella 2 SPF ULTIMA NINA


Appaloosa chestnut mare 2 years old JuancitoxKristabelle
falabella 1 SPF HERMANO


Appaloosa stallion2 years old JuancitoxMara height: 80 cm
falabella SPF SOLIDAD


Pinto black white filly FacundoxKristabelle
falabella Tino van de Zuiderzeehoeve

Tino van de Zuiderzeehoeve

For Sale: Tino van de Zuiderzeehoeve
Sire: Tiago
Dam: Argentina
Sire of Dam Margarito
Colour Bay
Day of birth 15-09-2007
falabella J.F. Zarzuela

J.F. Zarzuela

For sale: JF Zarzuela Born 9-5-2009

A beautiful black (breeding) mare, 88 cm FSE: 1st premium

Father : Oliviero

Mother :...


Rzadkiewa Falabella
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