June 28, 2017
F: Pinturo Del Charco
M: Condesa Del Charco (FM: Fantoche) Hooidonkhofs Falabella Casanova will be sold to a good home, because whe can’t keep all the stallions. Casanova is a son of our championstallion Pinturo Del Charco. His mother is the Fantoche-daughter Condesa Del Charco. Her bloodlines are all Argentinian. Condesa was accepted to the main studbook of the Falabella horses in Europe (FSE) with a first premium (gold). In 2017 she also got a first premium (gold) with her foal at her side. Casanova himself also got a first premium (gold) twice allready. In 2018 he even was placed second. He is a very social and affectionate little guy. Casanova is a real hug who likes to be in the middle of all attention. And he’s a real heartbreaker! Stoeterij Hooidonkhof
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